Sunday, 11 September 2011

After service ( follow up)

-we will make a interesting contract with our loyal customer
-After make a contract we will make sure you will always being first
-oppurtunity to make exhibition
-if not unsatisfied we will do again with no cost charge


price for transportation 
RM 100+++
RM 70+++
Pulau Pinang
RM 40+++
RM 70+++
RM 110+++
Kuala Lumpur
RM 110+++
Negeri sembilan
RM 130+++
RM 140+++
RM 150+++
RM 160+++
RM 170++
RM 170+++
RM 200+++
RM 300+++

-they will get rebate or discount at least 5% up to 50%.
 -give free for transportation costs for the six times they are using our service.
-The price for antique stuff is RM 150, if the stuff is complicated to clean but for easier stuff is around RM 70.
-fee for member is RM50 for a year.
-we have package including clean, repair and 50% transportation cost.

Monday, 5 September 2011


The advantages of our service are friendly. We provide a friendly and professional to our customers to attract them to believe us and at the same time become a partner to our customers.
We don’t have shop lot; we just have small agency located at city town. Maybe some customer hard to find our agency.
Next our service is fast. After we receive customer call we will immediately arrive to your home and start our service. The service is depending on complicated of the antique stuff. If the antique stuff is not so complicated to clean we will finish it in immediately. 
Our advertising is limited because we just start our business so we don’t have enough modal to make a big advertisement.
We also can help you to fix our antique stuff  if it has a small broken. We also help polish the antique staff after fix it. For example the old wood clock.
Our agency just has five professional workers that can do good services. So maybe we cannot fulfill all the customer request.
You can contact us with three ways, the first one  customer can directly came to our agency, the second method call us at 04-5467382 and the last ways is through our web site.
We don’t have maintains income, it’s depend on the antique stuff. If the antique stuff complicated  to clean so we can charge higher but if the antique stuff easy to clean the price that we charge is low.
We also will help customer that have many antique stuff if customer want to hold an exhibition. We will arrange everything for the exhibition.
Our agency just start this business so our Agency not popular and maybe the customer hard to finds our agency.
We receive customer from all peninsular to Southwest Malaysia. The cost depend the distance from our agency at Penang
For first business maybe we just receive request from customer at peninsular Malaysia but we will consider to customer from Southwest Malaysia.

service package

Service Package
Membership card
We have three stages for the membership card. First stage is white colour which is shows that the customer is the new membership. The second stage is the silver colour which shows that the customers is the loyal and have many reward point while the third stage is the gold colour which shows that the customer is more loyal with our agency and have more reward point. We will reward our customer based on the loyalty to our agency. For all customers that have membership card, we will give discount 5 percent for every item that we clean up.
Loyal customer
For the customer that we had went to their house more than five times, that’s means our loyal customer, we will not charge the transportation cost for the sixth time. That means, every five time we go to the customer’s house, we will not charge for the transportation for one time. It is not for the customer that have membership card only but to every customer.
One largest antique stuff + one small free cleaning
For every one large stuff that we clean up, then we will clean one small stuff for free. It is the way to make our customer happy and not feel the payment is like a load to them.
Agent of antique stuff
The interesting privilege that we have is we will be the agent of antique stuff for our customer. It is to make our customer easily to get their favourite antique stuff. We will also be the middle man between customer and the supplier.
The other special ‘gift’ to our customer is the trip to the antique exhibition and festival. It will make our customer and also the antique stuff lover know more about antique stuff. More than that, they will get more experience and knowledge about the antique stuff. We will handle about the trip journey. Our customer will get the special price for the trip.

business card


types of our promotion

1. banner

2. business card 

3. blog
4. internet website

5. flyers